Industry Overview



Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Integration

Revolutionize transformative technologies including next-gen and resilient digital platforms, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and robotics..

Manufacturing Software Development Services


Automate the Repetitive and Time-Consuming Manufacturing Processes

We are dedicated to supplying the right product of the highest quality at a competitive price in a timely fashion, realizing the impact of process automation, and streamlining the production/manufacturing process through a global IT vision.

Infrastructure Services


System engineering in infrastructure operation and control.

We deliver big data and analytics services and Liferay development services to strengthen the IT foundation and realize new possibilities that enable accelerated growth. We are the best Liferay DXP implementation partners in India, helping organizations improve operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions.

Education Management System


Better Learning, Better Interaction, and a Better Future through Technology.

Adjecti helps organizations achieve their training and development goals through innovation in learning design and delivery. It provides learners with the opportunity to browse through product catalogs and experience an exciting journey.

Mobile Banking App Development


Empowering through delighted customer experience.

Crafting IT solutions for the banking and financial services industry that covers banking portals & websites, customer on-boarding solution, document management system with bank and financial standards...

E Governance Solution


A Platform for Citizens, Government, and Governance Together

We offer a broad spectrum of e-government solutions and have attained rich expertise in delivering solutions with the highest standards of usability and flexibility.



Working Style

Focusing on delivering enterprise solutions around Digital Experience Platforms, Big Data, machine Learning,
Business Intelligence & Analytics, Search and middleware Implementations.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

We help you set up an agile team of developers, strategists & project manager around expertise you are looking for. You are all have full control over the extent of involvement of the team.

Remote Developers

Remote Developers

We provide dedicated developers to those who prefer direct engagement without any management layers. They work exclusively for you, in any project you wish them to be in.

Managed Projects

Managed Projects

Our managed projects model allows you to get your projects fully handled by our team selected by you. Share your requirements & get started now!


Adjecti Solutions: Evolve with Ease

Adjecti Solutions considered its users as Rookies. Hence, it crafted a user-platform that feels like a cup of cake.

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