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Delivering business-ready, and industry-specific technology services considering futuristic goals.

Our next-generation and innovative technology services and Liferay development services help to maximize the value added to the business, and optimization of resources and costs.

We help drive digital strategy for our clients and their partners through the cognitive digitalization processes across the business domain.

Accustoming and realizing customers experience digital solutions with end-to-end service integrations. We also enable multi-channel access, thereby helping their businesses expand to new dimensions and multiply growth in ROI.

Digital IT Transformation

Digital Experience

Liferay digital experience platform

Digital Experience

Realizing the value of cross-channel brand experiences and omni-channel customer communication.

We enable organizations to create engaging and consistent digital experiences across every channel touchpoint, providing new opportunities for growth and success in these evolving digital platforms.

These platforms consist of core digital technologies on which an extensible platform can be built to meet business needs, enabling innovation.

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Data and Intelligence

Data & Intelligence

Capitalising on how big data could transform intelligence analysis.

We deliver big data and analytics services along with Liferay Development Services to strengthen the IT foundation and realize new possibilities that enable accelerated growth. We help organizations improve operational efficiency and lower risk with enterprise data solutions.

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Big Data and Business Intelligence

Search and Insights

Search & Insights

Search & Insights

Unlocking hidden insights from unstructured and structured data.

We help enterprises unlock the total value within their unstructured and structured data. We combine innovative technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing with Search and big data analytics to transform the way people work.

We bring comprehensive Search and analytics services along with Liferay DXP services to clients across industries, including e-commerce, media, healthcare, financial services, recruiting, manufacturing, and the government sector.

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Research and Innovation

Research & Innovation

Reducing criticality of hidden technology challenges.

Our Research and Innovation Services and Liferay development services provide guidance, expert advice, and hands-on support for all aspects of research and research-related work.

Its metrics include technology assessment, proof-of-concept, knowledge exchange, impact demonstration, commercialization of outputs, ensuring good research practice, and supporting professional development.

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Research and Innovation Services

Enterprise Services

Digital Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Services

Automation is key to better business performance

The enterprise services we offered are the true differentiator in getting a full solution that will make the business improvements you need a reality. Enterprises can achieve greater agility, flexibility, control and cost-efficiency in the their IT operations by rapid and timeless service integration.

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Strategy and Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Define, design and execute IT strategies that drive business growth.

We provide expert insight in consonance with the customer's business model and strategies, in order to fortify their decision-making. We blend technological expertise and industry best practices to help clients garner the optimum benefits of the IT. We ensure unbiased, apt, and the most logical IT guidance to maximize your ROI.

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Digital Strategy


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